Project 2.4: Boundary condition, linear equation and visualization of N-S equations. Full code

It appears that the experiments shows us a possibility of existence of a certain critical Reynolds number, in sense that there is a limier where the fluid become turbulent.


Hello even if am spending my weekend in Warsaw, I could not wait to show you final solution to Navier-Stokes and send you last part of numerical analysis (notebook). Let me start with animation and personal reflection:

To be honest I love big cities! Especially long journey in public transport through Warsaw can be really inspirational. City with population of 2 millions with such a history acts like a living organism itself with information carriers, call humans trying to minimize its own effort. It is not the end of this structure. Those carriers seams to be in the middle of some type of sophisticated computer, calculating infinite many extremely hard problems, like Navier – Stokes equations for leafs, cars, oceans or even planes within the blink of an eye. Yesterday I attended popular science lecture by one of leading polish scientists prof. Ryszard Horodecki and believe me or not, but…

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